moTweets v1.51

Experience Twitter from your Windows Mobile device! The Premiere Twitter App! With all of the features you would expect from a great twitter application, moTweets allows you to take the people you follow on the go. Upload photos from your device camera and post their location for your followers to see.

PeekPocket 1.6

PeekPocket_1.6 PeekPocket is a free WiFi scanner application for Windows Mobile PocketPC devices. It detects and lists nearby WiFi access points. It can be useful when you are setting up a WiFi network, or when you are on the go and want to see if there are nearby Access Points.

The current version is final aims two main goals: it is absolutely free of charge and it is an easy-to-use WiFi scanner for PDAs.

PocketMusic version 5.3.5

pocketmusic_pocketpc_freeware MP3 players for the Pocket PC start up, and are very similar: almost simultaneously with WinamPAQ a new rival comes to complete the features of the built-in Windows Media Player: PocketMusic. 

Two of the advantages compared to the program we all have in the ROM are the better support for non-standard MP3 files and an equalizer.
The interface is skinnable, none of the basic functions are missing, like playlist management.

The commercial version has some nice extras (support for WinAMP skins, equalizer presets, MP3 file editing, better playlist manager, but it's up to you to decide whether it's worth paying for it or not).

S2U2 (Slide 2 Unlock 2)

S2U2 (Slide 2 Unlock 2) is a simple lock or unlock application for Windows Mobile which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. It has CallerID function (but it may not work on some devices, so try it before daily use); S2P control plugin; and volume control. S2U2 shows many system information even without unlocking and highly customizable.

Microsoft My Phone

Simplify your life. Connect your phone to the web. With Microsoft My Phone you can:
  • Back up your phone automatically
  • Share photos on your favorite social networking sites
  • Access your contacts, text messages and more online for free
  • Locate your lost phone 

HD2Tweak For Windows Mobile

HD2Tweak lets you tweak your HTC HD2 - Leo - T8585 with various tweaks and enhancements. HD2Tweak for Windows Mobile.
Apply various tweaks to your HTC HD2

Mobile Manager for Netflix

Windows Mobile now offers a mobile application for Netflix. The new Netflix application for Windows Mobile phones makes it simple to manage your Netflix experience from a mobile device. You can search the entire Netflix library for your next film, get complete movie details, and even manage your DVD queue. Easily update your queue by moving films up, moving films down, or removing films from your queue.

Mobile Secretary

Mobile Secretary allows you to set up an SMS message that is sent to anyone on a mobile phone when you miss a call. If you find yourself in situations where answering the phone is difficult at best, Mobile Secretary can be a good way to let people know what is going on.

Dowload Sofware for HTC Touch (GSM)

Overview HTC Touch (GSM)
Let your fingers guide you with the HTC Touch™, the world's first touch phone that gives you a whole new touch panel experience. The HTC Touch™ with TouchFLO™ revolutionizes the way you use the touch screen by allowing finger scrolling and panning. It also features the Touch Cube which is a unique user interface that makes quick dialing and navigation a breeze.